The prestigious Oxford Golf and Leisure Club has recently installed three MHG GK Oil fired boilers in its new extension, The extension consists of a new pool, with sauna and steam room facilities, plus accommodation.

The MHG GK boilers are fitted with the patented ‘Blue Flame Oil Fired Rocket Burners’ from MHG, giving a clean soot free burn, extremely low emission levels, whilst maintaining efficiency levels at 94.2% on a standard boiler.

The burners turn fuel oil to a gaseous vapour before combustion takes place, producing excellent fuel efficiency.

The boilers are providing heating and hot water, via two 600 liter twin coil cylinders also provided by MHG.

The installation was carried out by Wimborne based ‘Heating and Cooling Ltd’, who selected the MHG boilers for their compact size and overall efficiency produced by using the ‘Blue Flame Burners’.