MHG’s ProCon Streamline Hybrid reaches finals of Energy Awards 2015


MHG heating’s ProCon Streamline Hybrid air source heat pump/gas condensing boiler is a finalist in the Energy Awards 2015, Energy Efficient HVAC Product of the Year category.

The MHG ProCon Streamline Hybrid makes it easy to exploit the energy efficiency and low carbon benefits of air source heat pumps whilst ensuring security of heating supply. This is achieved by combining an air/water heat pump with a gas condensing boiler, complete with integrated control system. It can also be combined with a solar thermal system at any time.

Whilst the core heat generation technologies within the MHG ProCon Streamline Hybrid are well established, the key advances have been in incorporating them into a single unit that is delivered to site fully pre-assembled. Only two refrigerant lines are required to the outside unit, while the compact dimensions make it easy to position / locate.

The MHG ProCon Streamline Hybrid was the Commercial Heating Product of the Year in the HVR Awards 2014.