MHG Heating is one of Germany ‘s leading providers of sophisticated heating systems and components for oil, gas, ambient heat and solar heating. With top-class heating products, we offer our national and international customers a wide-ranging programme for the ultimate in cosy warmth, convenience and reliability. At the same time MHG’s modern premium heating technology, with its optimum use of energy, offers every householder and plant operator particularly low heating costs, and contributes to the protection of the environment.

MHG Heiztechnik is a long-established Hamburg company, with decades of tradition. Emerging from MAN Heiztechnik GmbH, we have been an owner-operated company since October 2005. In Haspa Beteiligungsgesellschaft für den Mittelstand we have a financially powerful, far-sighted partner at our side, whose parent company, Hamburger Sparkasse, is Germany ‘s biggest savings bank.

We have a widespread network of our own offices for service and sales in Germany , as well as through sales representatives. Intensive advice and support for our partners in the heating installation industry are thus ensured.

In addition to Germany, MHG Heiztechnik also sells its products in over 35 markets, such as Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, France, Ireland, China and Eastern Europe.

The product range includes:

  • Gas condensing boiler units in wall-mounted and floor-standing designs, in the output range from 3 to 1,125 kW.
  • Oil units with blue flame burners in the output range from 16 to 150 kW.
  • Oil condensing boiler units with blue flame burners in the output range from 15 to 62 kW.
  • Gas units in the output range from 16 to 150 kW.
  • Blue flame burners (Raketenbrenner® [Rocket Burners]) for boiler outputs from 15 to 315 kW for operation with heating oil.
  • Yellow flame burners for boiler outputs from 13 to 15,000 kW for operation with heating oil.
  • Forced air gas burners for boiler outputs of 13 to 15,000 kW.
  • Thermal solar systems with high-performance flat collectors and high-tech tube collectors.
  • Hot water storage tanks, holding between 120 and 4,000 litres.
  • Plastic exhaust systems
  • Hybrid Heat-Stations

The products are developed on MHG’s own test rig and for the most part produced at the parent factory in Hamburg . They only leave the works after they have passed the heating test.