Plate heat exchanger

Boiler separation plate heat exchanger

Our Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers can be designed to suit your precise requirements.

Suitable for Heating, cooling and process applications.

  • Our standard range is designed for outputs from 5kW to 5,000 kW.
  • Each system is delivered fully assembled and tested to ensure easy installation.
  • Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger with AIS 316 stainless steel plates.
  • Standard range working pressure 6 Bar, Higher pressure units are available.
  • Bespoke insulation jackets, safe waste trays and operational screens are also available.
  • HWS Packaage plate are also available, supplied complete with control panel, 3 or 4 port valves, primary and secondary pumps. 50kW – 2000kW.


Boiler Separation Plate Heat Exchanger Range, Sales Data, PDF Download

Plate Heat Exchanger Technical Manual, PDF Download

Boiler Separation Plate Heat Exchanger Connection Configuration, PDF Download