Gas-fired condensing boilers from MHG Heating

MHG offers a wide range of gas-fired condensing boilers, including modular cascade options


As a pioneer in the field of commercial gas condensing boiler technology, MHG is one of the most experienced providers on the market. After all, we contributed significantly to the breakthrough of this technology in the eighties. On the basis of our expertise accumulated over many years, we offer a sophisticated range of condensing gas boiler products that satisfy the very highest demands in terms of economy, eco-friendliness, convenience of operation and reliability.

Unique product range
With our wall-mounted or floor-standing gas condensing boilers in the ProCon, ProCon Streamline series, we cover an output range from 3 to 1,125 kW with a unique range of products.

Maximum energy efficiency and eco-friendliness
Our entire range of gas condensing boilers is designed for particularly high efficiency and extremely low emissions. The use of a modulating, maintenance-free ECONOX pre-mix radiant burner contributes to this just as significantly as a broad modulation range. The unnecessarily frequent turning on and off of our boilers and the associated energy losses are avoided, along with additional start-up emissions. In addition to which some of our top-of-the-range devices are equipped with modulating pumps as standard for optimum use of calorific value. And the use of high-performance stainless steel heat exchangers not only contributes to particularly high energy efficiency, but also simultaneously guarantees a high level of reliability and long service life.