MHG Gassero Alubox

MHG Gassero Alubox



MHG Gassero’s new Alubox commercial condensing boilers

Low NOx (33mg/kWh) gas-fired Alubox commercial condensing boilers in capacities from 50kW to 2200kW, with cascade capabilities for up to 16 units. Alubox commercial condensing boilers feature a fuel engineering related efficiency of up to 108.6% and 7:1 turndown capability and are suitable for a wide range of flow rates with low pressure drop.

  • Output ranges from 50 kW to 2200 kW
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Modulating performance
  • Wide range of flow rates with low pressure drop
  • Automatic frost protection
  • Built-in time control
  • Up to 4 separate heat zones for each boiler, as well as DHW
  • Optional BMS interface with remote monitoring
  • Integral safety controls to BS 6644:2014
  • Nine sensors the data to 31 safety sub- systems
  • Natural gas or LPG

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