MHG Gassero Alucon

MHG Gassero’s new Alucon gas-fired, wall mounted commercial boilers.

Low NOx (Class 5) Alucon wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boilers available in 50kW, 70kW, 90kW, 115kW, 125kW and 150kW capacities, with the ability to combine up to 16 units in cascade configuration. Further flexibility is provided by a fully modulating pre-mix burner with turndown capabilities up to 7:1.

Key features of Alucon wall mounted commercial boilers:

  • Output ranges from 50kW to 150W
  • Extremely high energy efficiency, up to 110% fuel engineering related efficiency
  • Low NOx (Class 5)
  • Modulating performance
  • Pre-mix burners
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Compact design for installation flexibility
  • Available with matched mounting frames and cascade hydraulics including low loss headers or matched system separation plate heat exchangers
  • Cascade controls for up to 16 units
  • Built-in frost protection
  • Built-in time control
  • Direct BMS connectivity
  • Remote monitoring options
  • Natural gas or LPG

MHG Gassero Full Range Sales Brochure 010617

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