ProCon 75 wall mounted commercial boilers

ProCon gas condensing boilers deliver fuel engineering -related efficiencies of up to 109.5%

Wall-mounted ProCon 47- 75 gas condensing wall mounted commercial boilers

MHG ProCon gas condensing wall mounted commercial boilers deliver exceptional energy efficiency to help building owners reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions. An extensive range from 16 – 75 kW ensures there is a ProCon wall mounted commercial boiler for nearly all commercial and residential applications.

Key features of ProCon 16-75 wall mounted commercial boilers:

  • Output ranges from 12 to 47 kW & 14 to 75kW.
  • Extremely high energy efficiency with fuel engineering related efficiency of up to 109.5%.
  • From flats through detached houses and apartment blocks to commercial properties – the wide range of wall-mounted ProCon gas condensing boilers with their various equipment packages are ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Thanks to their compact design, contemporary styling and low-noise operation, ProCon condensing boilers can be installed practically anywhere in the building.
  • Highly efficient performance results in lower fuel consumption, lower heating costs and lower carbon emissions.
  • High-performance, stainless steel heat exchangers guarantee high reliability and long service life.
  • Particularly cost-effective maintenance as a result of easily accessible construction.
  • The option of using inexpensive and at the same time high-quality plastic exhaust systems, cost-effective flue renovation, including flexible flue systems.
  • Cascade controls available for up to 16 ProCons and limitless heating zones.
  • Modern, appealing design
  • Integrated, calorifically optimised, convenient control system, extremely simple adjustment and operation.
  • The ProCon 47 S offer the ultimate in hot water luxury, with an integrated plate heat exchanger and a three-way changeover valve for heating water by the continuous flow principle.
  • Extremely flexible adaptation to all types of heating requirements
  • The ProCon 47 S combination boiler modulates between 11.7 and 43.5 kW, with a delivery rate of 20 l/ min..
  • Design and technology in perfect harmony,
  • Water generation and storage is achieved with the application of one of our unvented calorifiers 90-4000L
  • Twin Coil solar units are also available.
  • All units are supplied with a 36 month warranty and 60 month heat exchanger warranty.
  • Natural Gas / LPG.


ProCon 47 & 75 Range 010517

Procon 16-77 RVS43 010114 Technical Manual PDF Download 

Procon 16-77 RVA47, Technical Manual, PDF Download

Connection Alignment ProCon 16-47 & Micromat 16-40

 Appliance And Controller Electrical Installation Guide 010112, PDF Download

Seasonal Efficiency Calculations Data Sheet, PDF Download.