• Proven top-quality products made in Germany for use in modernized as well as new buildings
  • Specifically adapted to your individual requirements thanks to a wide range of air/water heat pumps 5.4–41.5 kW
  • All heat pumps are available as pure heating devices with integrated with the capacity to generate hot water via a suitably sized Calorifier
  • Extremely low heating costs thanks to superior efficiency
  • Optional comfort active or passive cooling feature
  • Uniform weather-sensitive comfort control with multiple options; convenient remote control operation upon request
  • Tried-and-tested compressor with scroll technology for extremely quiet and low-maintenance operation
  • Integrated diagnostic system with sensor control; permanent pressure measurement and phase monitoring for maximum operational reliability
  • Sophisticated system technology, precisely designed for use in combination with ThermiStar heat pumps: premium-quality hot water tanks, SOLARMAT-series solar heating units (proven flat-plate collectors or premium evacuated tube collectors) and a wide variety of solar and buffer tanks
  • Numerous combination possibilities with a second heat generator: premium product portfolio of ultra-efficient gas- and oil-condensing boilers as well as wood pellet boilers for covering peak loads when modernising existing buildings

ThermiStar Heat Pumps, Sales Data Sheet, PDF Download.

ThermiStar L Air to Water Heat Pump Technical Manual, PDF Download