Teleheat Heat Interface Units (Heat Stations). Single and Twin Plate Heat Exchanger Units.

District heating Heat Station for direct & indirect heating and instantaneous domestic hot water with thermostatic control, designed for wall-mounting.


  • The Teleheat Heat Interface units are a complete solution for hot water and space heating with optimal safety, efficient energy transfer, service-friendly construction and a compact design.

Hot water Capacities

  • 39kW, 45kW & 48kW

 Heat Capacities

  • Up to 18kW

 Single Plate Heat Exchanger Version

  • A single plate heat exchanger hydraulically separates the domestic hot water from the central primary circuit, whereas the heating circuit is supplied directly from the central primary circuit.

 Twin Plate Heat Exchanger Version

  • Plate heat exchangers hydraulically separate the domestic hot water and the heating circuits from the central primary circuit.

Design Features

  • Accurate temperature monitoring for hot water and heating supply is managed by the integral electronic controller, temperature sensors, mixing valve and circulating pump.
  • Hot Water Pre-heat function.
  • Hot Water Priority.
  • Gradual Warm Up feature for heating circuit.
  • Pump and valve exercise program to reduce standstill seizure.
  • Summer Winter Mode.
  • LED information Matrix
  • Remote BMS interfacing capability.


  • M Bus connectable Heat Meter.
  • M Bus connectable Water Meter
  • Modulating Room Unit.
  • Rear spacer mounting kit.(Single Plate Unit Only)

Teleheat Heat Interface Units Single & Twin Plate Range 010113 Sales Data, PDF Download.

Teleheat Heat Interface Unit TPE04 010113, Technical Manual PDF Download.

Teleheat HIU REVIT File 2013

Teleheat HIU CAD 2013