EcoStar hybrid with oil boiler and air to water heat pump

EcoStar hybrid that combines an oil condensing boiler with an air source heat pump


Switch to the one-of-a-kind high-tech oil-condensing/heat pump system today: 

  • Hybrid oil condensing boiler and heat pump
  • Combination of an air/water heat pump (3.5 to 10.2 kW modulation), an especially energy-efficient oil-condensing boiler (15, 18 or 22 kW) and integrated system control in one small space
  • Combination with a thermal solar system possible at any time
  • Specially designed for modernising existing oil heating systems in one- and two-family houses
  • System control always automatically selects the most economical energy source or most economical energy mix.
  • Innovative air-oil principle for flexible adjustment to heating oil and power prices – if power is lower in price, for example, the bivalence point can be lowered so that the heat pump module assumes a larger share of heat generation.
  • Share of renewable energies can be theoretically increased to 100 percent.
  • Fully pre-assembled, turnkey appliance, only two refrigerant lines to the outside unit must be laid = time and cost-saving installation
  • Low weight and compact dimensions facilitate installation and minimise footprint
  • Hydraulic decoupling of both heat generators by means of integrated water switch, no change in the existing system hydraulics
  • Low maintenance requirement due to straightforward construction
  • High degree of operating safety due to redundant system: if a component fails, the other components assume its function.
  • Configuration for operation dependant on indoor air or operation independent of indoor air
  • Affordable modernisation thanks to quality plastic exhaust system
  • Flexible Flue Systems also available.
  • All units are supplied with a 36 month warranty and 60 month heat exchanger warranty.

EcoStar Hybrid , Sales Data Sheet, PDF Download.

Seasonal Efficiency Calculations Data Sheet, PDF Download.