Product overview
With the Rocket Burner® as the dynamic core, MHG Heiztechnik was already marketing a perfectly coordinated oil heating system in the nineties, under the EcoStar brand name. This high-tech unit is now on the market in its second generation. With the oil-fired condensing boilers the low-temperature version combined with a downstream heat exchanger, or the simple low-temperature model, we have a range of premium products that leave nothing to be desired.

Perfectly coordinated oil heating systems
In the new EcoStar model series (15 to 62 kW), MHG Heiztechnik offers premium technology for optimum economy, eco-friendliness, convenience and safety. The sophisticated, high-quality components – Rocket Burners®, compact cast-iron boilers of German manufacture, high-performance exhaust heat exchangers, convenient control systems and hot water storage tanks – all add up to make a perfectly coordinated oil heating system for use in houses and apartment blocks. There are a large number of different output and equipment versions of these oil fired condensing boilers to choose from. All the versions are approved for operation with low-sulphur heating oil. A particularly low level of operating noise, excellent reliability and minimal maintenance costs underpin the outstanding attractiveness of the EcoStar oil unit.

Rocket Burner Soot Free Mixing System.

Rocket Burner Soot Free Mixing System

EcoStar oil fired boilers incorporate advanced high efficiency Rocket burners