• Floor Standing Indirect Unvented Calorifiers.(90L -500L)(600-1,000L)(2,000L-4,000L)
  • Single, Twin and Triple coil units available.
  • Standard and high recovery units available.
  • Stainless Steel tank.
  • All tanks pressure tested. (Volume/Pressure dependent.)
  • Unique coil design to enhance heat transfer and recovery.
  • Ergonomically designed with all electrical and plumbing connections within easy Installation access.
  • Integrated 3 kW Immersion heater with control and limit thermostats.(90-1,000L)
  • Factory fitted Temperature and Pressure relief valve. (<500L)
  • Unvented control kit supplied as standard. (90-500L)
  • 25 Year manufactures tank guarantee. (90-500L)
  • 3 Year electrical component guarantee.
  • Highly efficient yet environmentally friendly tank insulation housed within an attractive outer casing.
  • White Plastosol outer case finish as standard for units < 500L. Blue expanded foam insulation for units >600L.
  • Vented  and Direct options available.

Unvented Indirect & Solar Calorifier Sales Data Sheet, PDF Download.

Unvented Direct Calorifier Range Sales Data Sheet, PDF Download.

Unvented Indirect & Solar Calorifiers 600-1000L, Sales Data Sheet, PDF Download

Unvented Calorifiers 400-4000L, Sales Data Sheet, PDF Download.

Calorifier 90-1000L Technical Manual 2013 PDF Download