Please find listed below appliances that are no longer in production.

If you cannot locate the required information below please contact our office by phone or email.

Gas Condensing

MicroMat <40kW Wall Hung Boilers (Single Heat Exchanger Units) (Strata 1)

RVR Micromat 16 – 38 Technical Manual

MicroMat >40kW Wall Hung Boilers (Double Heat Exchanger Units) (Strata 1)

RVR Micromat 45-75 Technical Manual

ProCon 16 & 27 Wall Hung Boilers

Procon 16-77 RVS4-63 010114

ProCon 47, 75 & 77 Wall Hung Boilers

ProCon 47, 75, 77 Technical Manual 010317

ProCon HT & HTP Floor Standing Boilers

 Procon HT 150-225 RVS43 010217

ProCon Streamline Wall Hung Boilers

ProCon Streamline 01-01-13

ProCon MC 115 Wall Hung Boilers

ProCon MC 115 Technical Manual (010315) PDF Download

ProCon MCS Floor Standing Boilers

Procon MCS 320 – 2135 160315 Technical Manual PDF Download

Oil Burners

Blue Flame Burners Single Stage RE

Blue Flame Rocket Burner RE-1H 15-70kW 010108

Blue Flame Burners Two Stage RZ

Blue Flame Rocket Burner RZ2-RZ3 55- 315kW 010108

Gas Burners

Single Stage GE


Two Stage GZ

Gas Burner Range GZ2-GZ4 100-1450 kW 010108

Oil Non Condensing

EcoStar 700

EcoStar 720 & 750 Oil Condensing Boilers 010612

GK Cast Iron Boilers

GK4-8 Cast Iron Boilers 011008

Euorline Cast Iron Boilers

Euroline Boilers 010911


Flat Panel

Installation and Operating Manual for FLK420 Panels 010110

CPC Panel

Installation and Operating Manual for CPC 14 & 21 Panels 010611

Heat Pumps

ThermiStar L

ThermiStar L Air to Water Heat Pump Technical Manual 110212

ThermiPro Heat Station

Please contact the office as the technical manual is too large for download.

System Buffer Vessels

System Buffer Vessels High Pressure 010713

System Buffer Vessels 011011

Thermal Stores

 Thermal Store 010614