• The ProCon Streamline series has been designed specifically for project work and for export.
  • Especially favourable procurement price.
  • Low heating costs as a result of low fuel consumption.
  • High levels of heating and hot water luxury, which can be matched to individual needs as a result of the wide variety of appliances.
  • H-version wall-mounted gas condensing boiler, as a pure heating appliance with an output range of 16 or 25 kW.
  • Combi appliance (S version) available with heating outputs of 16 or 25 kW and hot water outputs of 24 or 32 kW; this high-performance boiler provides instantaneous hot water.
  • Low installation and maintenance costs as a result of the simple, clearly accessible construction.
  • Excellent reliability and long service life.
  • Thanks to is wide modulation range, the burner adapts flexibly to different heating requirements – so avoiding unnecessary energy losses.
  • Particularly low emissions.

One of the highlights: the ProCon Streamline in its Flash version

  • An attractive combination of wall-mounted boiler and integrated hot water storage tank, with a heating output of 25 kW and a hot water output of 32 kW.
  • The Flash system guarantees fantastic hot water output of 20 litres per minute at 40 ºC output temperature, and a top value for the hot water performance level.

Streamline Range, Sales Data Sheet, PDF Download.