New commercial boilers from MHG Heating


New commercial boilers from MHG Heating

New commercial boilers from MHG Heating

MHG Gassero has introduced three new commercial boilers. Superbox and Wallcon gas-fired condensing boilers are all competitively priced and offer high efficiency with low NOx.

The new commercial boilers provide a wide range of capacities and configurations to suit all projects. MHG Gassero Ultrabox floor standing gas fired boilers are available in capacities from 210kW to 1125kW, MHG Gassero Superbox floor standing boilers from 160kW to 1,060kW and MHG Gassero Wallcon wall-mounted boilers in 42kW, 50kW, 67kW, 115kW, 125kW and 160kW.

High turndown with cascade capabilities

All of the new commercial boilers combine excellent energy efficiency with high turndown and cascade capabilities to ensure optimum performance at full and part loads. Integral controls further enhance overall performance, with options for direct BMS connectivity and remote monitoring via internet or GSM.

All three new commercial boilers are designed for ease of installation and maintenance whilst compact design ensures they occupy minimum plant space, making them ideal for retrofit and plant upgrade projects.

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MHG launches Ultrabox condensing boiler range

MHG Ultrabox

MHG Ultrabox gas fired condensing boiler

MHG Heating has introduced the Ultrabox range of gas-fired condensing boilers in capacities from 210kW to 1125kW, with cascade capabilities for up to 16 units. MHG Ultrabox gas fired condensing boilers feature a fuel engineering related efficiency of up to 110% and 8:1 turndown capability and are suitable for a wide range of flow rates with low pressure drop. NOx levels are low, at 34mg/kWh.

MHG Ultrabox boilers incorporate automatic frost protection and built-in time control. Each boiler is capable of controlling up to four separate heat zones as well as domestic hot water (DHW). If required, the boilers can be interfaced to a BMS with the option of remote monitoring.

Zero side clearance means the installed footprint is up to 30% smaller than competing models, enabling optimum use of plant room space. The smallest model in the range has a footprint of just 0.72m2.

The integral safety controls, fully compliant with BS 6644: 2014, include 9 sensors monitoring the boiler’s operation every second and feeding data to 31 safety sub-systems.

All models are suitable with natural gas or LPG.

The MHG Ultrabox series is one of three new ranges of gas fired condensing boilers introduced by MHG Heating. The other new MHG boiler ranges are Superbox and Wallcon.

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Condensing boilers with system separating heat exchanger help ErP compliance

MHG boilers at Victoria

MHG Heating has introduced the ProCon HTP range of gas-fired condensing boilers with integral plate heat exchangers to separate the boiler from the distribution system. As such, ProCon HTP boilers are ideal for retrofitting high-efficiency (98.1% gross seasonal efficiency) boilers to existing systems, as will be required from September 2015 for boilers below 400kW under ErP regulations for both new and existing buildings.

There are two models available; the ProCon HTP 150 comprising 2 x 75kW modules and the ProCon HTP 225 with 3 x 75kW modules. These can be combined in cascade configuration to deliver higher capacities, using fully modulating burners and integral controls to provide efficient response to varying heat loads.

The internal system separating plate heat exchanger allows the ProCon HTP to be applied to any system with operating pressures up to 10 bar without the risk that the existing distribution system will impair boiler performance. As such it enables optimum efficiency to be achieved for boiler replacement projects whilst facilitating compliance with legislation.

ProCon HTP boilers are equipped with all pressure management components other than a system pressure manager as required by BS 6644. A suitable system pressure manager is also available from MHG.

All ProCon HTP boilers are supplied with a 36 month warranty and 60 month heat exchanger warranty.

Quick Reference Guide to changes in IGE/UP/10 2014


BS 6644,  IGEUP10 & BS 5440 Quick Reference Guide 080415

MHG Heating has published a Quick Reference Guide for specifiers of commercial and industrial boilers, summarising the key changes to IGE/UP/10 2014.

These changes relate to air supply, ventilation and flue terminal  positioning, and have significant implications for specifiers. The Guide provides a digest of the most important points and how to accommodate them in specifications.

Download the Guide.

MHG is HVR Awards winner for the second year running

For the second year running MHG Heating has won the Commercial/ Industrial Heating Product of the Year category in the prestigious HVR Awards. The award-winning product for 2014 was the ProCon Streamline Hybrid, which delivers reliable, low carbon heating through a combined air/water heat pump and gas condensing boiler with integrated controls.

The judges were particularly impressed with a number of features, including the ease of retrofitting existing systems, the hydraulic decoupling of both heat generators and the use of an adjustable bivalent temperature for adjustment to gas and electricity prices.


MHG Managing Director Graham Rodd commented: “Making the best use of low carbon heat sources is all about getting the right balance. However, some specifiers avoid combining heat pumps and condensing boilers because of the perceived complexity. The beauty of the ProCon Streamline Hybrid is that it minimises complexity through pre-engineering and integral controls. Consequently, it increases the viability of using this low-carbon combination to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.”

The winning product in 2013 was the ThermSelect combined air source and ground source heat pump package.