MHG Gassero now offers boiler ranges with aluminium heat exchangers

MHG Gassero Alubox boiler

MHG Gassero Alubox boiler with aluminium heat exchanger

MHG Gassero has introduced two ranges of low NOx (Class 5, 33mg/kWh), gas-fired condensing boilers with aluminium heat exchangers. Competitively priced, the Alubox and Alucon ranges both feature highly responsive performance to ensure optimum efficiency at all heat loads.

Both Alubox and Alucon ranges can be used with natural gas or LPG and incorporate fully modulating pre-mix burners to provide a 7:1 turndown capability and feature cascade capabilities for combining up to 16 boilers.

Floor-standing Alubox boilers are available in outputs from 50kW to 2,200kW, with cascade capabilities for up to 16 units. They deliver a fuel engineering related efficiency of up to 108.6% and are suitable for a wide range of flow rates with low pressure drop.

Wall-mounted Alucon boilers are available in capacities from 50kW to 150kW with a fuel engineering related efficiency of up to 110%. They are available with matched mounting frames and cascade hydraulics including low loss headers or matched system separation plate heat exchangers.

MHG Gassero Alubox and Alucon boilers are supplied with sophisticated onboard controls such as zone control, time control and automatic frost protection, with an optional BMS interface with remote monitoring.